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The enchanting scenery at Mulund gets its very own viewing gallery.

Located at LBS Marg, Mulund-West, Eternia and Enigma are architectural marvels, a rare amalgamation of cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art architecture and skilled craftsmanship. These twin developments by Oberoi Realty flaunt an opulent design, bespoke amenities, luxurious living-spaces and quality standards par excellence. The minimalist yet flamboyant architectural style, the perfect lines and contours and the radiant glass façade will leave a lasting impression.

These projects are constructed on 2 separate land parcels of approximately 9 acres each. Higher floors of this project will enjoy spectacular Mulund Hills view. They are designed by HB Design, a renowned and internationally acclaimed architecture & design company. Their portfolio showcases a consistent flow of finely crafted edifices that exude sophistication and class.

Mulund is a nature lover’s dream come true; it’s the queen of central suburbs; it’s a paradise for life to bloom. So, no wonder that Oberoi Realty is sculpting its new lifestyle landmark in the heart of Mulund. The mighty hills of the Western Ghats woven with virgin green forests & pristine waterways makes it one of the most scenic locales of Mumbai.

Eternia and Enigma perfect on perfection. These will soon set the example for green buildings as Oberoi Realty has applied for LEED Gold Certification.



Category: Residential, Under-Construction
No of Towers: 4
Storey: : Over 50 storeys
Configurations: Compact 3BHK & Large 3BHK
Address: LBS Road, Mulund (West), Mumbai –400 080


Category: Residential, Under-Construction
No of Towers: 2
Storey: : Over 50 storeys
Configurations: Large 3BHK & 4BHK
Address: LBS Road, Mulund (West), Mumbai –400 080

Configuration Carpet Area
3BHK Supreme 880 sf
3BHK Luxury 1012 sf
3BHK Grande 1257 sf
4BHK Royale 1862 sf