Rent A Property
If you wish to take a property on rent, we are here to help you. We provide the following services:

Personalized need-based Advice:
We do not believe in renting out what we have. We believe in renting out what you want. If required, our experienced professionals will be glad to even help you in better understanding what you require. With an innate understanding of the economic and market factors and experience in real estate dealings, we can help you achieve an optimum match between your requirements, your financial considerations and the property.

Looking out for a Property:
Having understood your requirements, capitalizing on our wide network of channel partners, online presence and huge clientele base, we will seek to find an ideal property that best fits your needs. Along with conducting inspections, scheduling meetings, etc., our professionals will also actively participate from your side in the negotiation process to ensure that you get the best possible deal.

Legal & Taxation Advice:
Our professionals will handheld you in the legal & taxation matters including the framing of the Leave & License Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding (if required), Power of Attorney (if required), etc. We also undertake to assist with the Stamp Duty, Registration & Police Verification formalities and provide door-to-door services to the clients in this regards. Along with these legal help, our clients tend to immensely benefit from the taxation advice rendered by us.

Smoothly Completing the Sales Process:
After finalizing the property and guiding you through the sales process, we do not leave your hand until the final possession of the property is given to you free of all charges and lien and all the sales related formalities to the extent of Society Transfer, payment of various utilities bills, etc. are cleared and settled. Although in case of physical properties, it is practically not possible to define a timeline for the sale process, we would make all possible attempts to ensure that the process gets over smoothly in the least possible time.

Smoothly Completing the Leave & License Process:
After completing the registration formalities, we will also guide you in society related matters and assist in smoothly completing the deal.

After Sales Service:
Having taken a property on rent, we will not leave your hand until the entire tenure of the agreement expires. We will stand by you throughout this period and will be happy to help whenever required.