When is the Right Time For NRIs To Invest in Indian Real Estate?

A majority government at the helm and positive economic growth projections, despite the pandemic, has made India the most lucrative real investment destination for NRIs. As the market opened up for business, the real estate industry saw the most frenetic activity as investors and buyers saw real estate as the safest asset to put their money on to get consistent returns in the long term. In this blog, we discuss the best time for NRI investors to invest in the real estate market in India.

Why is India the perfect destination for NRIs to invest in?

According to an NRI property consultants, India boasts of many positives. To begin with, India has a higher percentage of the younger population which reflects a higher future growth potential. Moreover, India is on a good growth trajectory on the back of solid reforms in real estate and liberalised government policies. The open and investment-friendly economic policies introduced by the government are beginning to pay rich dividends.

More and more FDIs are pouring into the Indian businesses generating more employment opportunities for the skilled young populace. India has successfully attracted global investors across almost all strategic and modern businesses, leading to profound growth and development in industry and commerce. All this together has made India the most lucrative destination for NRI investments in various Indian business segments. The real estate market has become the most favourable market for NRI investments providing consistent and steady returns over the long term.

According to an Expert NRI property consultant, post the introduction of GST and RERA, the Indian real estate market has become much more beneficial for NRIs planning to invest in the real estate market for long term gains. In this blog, we discuss the top factors that have driven an increase in NRI investment in India’s real estate market.

  • RERA

RERA has greatly streamlined India’s real estate sector. This has significantly reduced the risk for buyers. With builders and property developers being held accountable by law, the real estate market has shown an influx of positive sentiments from buyers. This has enhanced the real estate market and it has become the most secure long term investment option for NRIs.

  • Exclusive Subvention Schemes

Builders and property developers are offering exclusive subvention schemes to potential local and NRI buyers and investors in commercial and residential real estate. This makes the proposition of investing in real estate far more lucrative and desirable for NRIs.

  • Real Estate Investment Trust

REIT or Real Estate Investment Trust has further enhanced the horizons for real estate investment in India, which has made the market more attractive with assured long term gains for NRIs.

  • Price correction

Post demonetization, the real estate market in some strategic locations have experienced a correction in the pricing. Moreover, the current global situation has compelled developers to rethink their sales strategies. As a result, the real estate market is ready to offer the best deals to prospective buyers, thus making it the best investment market for NRI investors looking for long term property gains.

  • Government policies

The newest government policies, rules and regulations have introduced more transparency and accountability to the real estate industry, making it more customer-friendly and investment-friendly. Also, the government reduced Stamp Duty to boost sales. This helps buyers to get assured returns on their real estate investment.

  • The strengthening dollar: 

The dollar is growing stronger and stronger against the rupee. This makes India a much more favourable destination for foreign investment as investors can get more for the amount they pay. This way they could add more value to their investment portfolio. This is the best period of NRI investment, as NRI investors can lay their hands on the most lucrative properties at the best rates. This also ensures they would get a better value for the money they pay for their real estate investment.

The current global situation has proved that real estate is the safest investment. The pandemic led lockdown also emphasized the need for housing. With work-out-of-home becoming like a norm, more demand is coming for residential housing. Therefore, this is the best time for NRIs to invest in India.

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